Reviews & Critiques

  • Days Missing & Trek Nation

    An excel­lent com­ic book series is Days Miss­ing a cre­ation of Gene Rod­den­ber­ry and licensed by Archa­ia. The con­cept is of an enti­ty known as the “Cus­to­di­an” and since the begin­ning of time he has inter­fered in the his­to­ry of humankind, shap­ing it unbe­knownst to us by remov­ing our mem­o­ries of cer­tain epochs. Days gone […]

  • Jupiter Ascending is a Kaleidoscope of Color

    Jupiter Ascend­ing Review I was figit­ting in the back of the the­ater while watch­ing the Matrix Reloaded. A woman sit­ting in front of me tried to shush me. I must have been figit­ting too loud­ly and dis­turb­ing her con­cen­tra­tion on what was plain­ly a cin­e­mat­ic bed-wet­t­ing. I was angry that suc­cess had ruined what could […]

  • Hans Solo has a skeleton in his closet!

    Star Wars News. Hans Solo has a skele­ton in his clos­et that has been revealed in Star Wars Num­ber 6, the lat­est issue of Marvel’s Star Wars Comics. Only this skele­ton is cov­ered in flesh and curves, so if you haven’t been to your local com­ic col­lec­tor shop and plunked down coin for the lat­est […]

  • Ex Machina Does it Fizz or Fizzle?

    Ex Machi­na or rather Deus Ex Machi­na, God from the machine is the phrase from which the title of Alex Garland’s new film is coined. It con­cerns A.I. or arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, a holy grail along with per­pet­u­al motion, immor­tal­i­ty and time trav­el. The machine is built by humankind but God is inferred.