Days Missing & Trek Nation

An excel­lent com­ic book series is Days Miss­ing a cre­ation of Gene Rod­den­ber­ry and licensed by Archa­ia. The con­cept is of an enti­ty known as the “Cus­to­di­an” and since the begin­ning of time he has inter­fered in the his­to­ry of humankind, shap­ing it unbe­knownst to us by remov­ing our mem­o­ries of cer­tain epochs. Days gone and not remem­bered but that have irrev­o­ca­bly changed our his­to­ry. But these days are about to be remem­bered. You can find out more at

Gene Rod­den­ber­ry was quite the imag­i­nar­i­an, leav­ing us with a mind expand­ing mythol­o­gy that burst out of the bounds of the orig­i­nal for­mat of episod­ic tele­vi­sion into our cul­tur­al inher­i­tance.
This is an excel­lent dou­ble disc DVD doc­u­men­tary about the ori­gins of Star Trek and the mind of the man who cre­at­ed it. It’s avail­able at

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