Hans Solo has a skeleton in his closet!

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Hans Solo has a skele­ton in his clos­et that has been revealed in Star Wars Num­ber 6, the lat­est issue of Mar­vel’s Star 9c006592af0695ceeeab3664578bc0a4Wars Comics. Only this skele­ton is cov­ered in flesh and curves, so if you haven’t been to your local com­ic col­lec­tor shop and plunked down coin for the lat­est issue, let me spoil the sur­prise for you. You could opt not to read any fur­ther, but I doubt you can resist now, so here’s the beans…Hans Solo has a wife. Don’t know if he has kids to boot but he does have a wife pic­tured below.

Dis­ney and Lucas­film are treat­ing the sto­ry events and char­ac­ters in the comics as canon, so that what hap­pens in the comics does­n’t stay in the comics. The film fran­chise will synch to what goes on in the comics. This like­ly means that Hans Solo had a wife while he was woo­ing Princess Leia in the orig­i­nal film almost 40 years ago. Hans is a raff­ish rogue, so what’s sur­pris­ing about his wom­an­iz­ing and omis­sion of a lit­tle fact that he has a wife?
It will be inter­est­ing to see if Sana Solo pops up in the film ver­sion of Star Wars in the near future.

Ira Harmon/Pop Machine Review­er

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