IHPM — Episode #109


Ira weighs in on the Cyst in the White House and Niggaz For Life, War of the Hood Rats Update.

Opening Clip:

Bernie Casey in “I’m Gonna Get You Suc­ka”.


  • My Life — Ohio Play­ers
  • Dis­tant Lover — Mar­vin Gaye
  • Use Me — Bill With­ers
  • Somebody’s Watch­ing You — Sly Stone
  • Sweet Sticky Thing — Ohio Play­ers
  • I’ll Stay — Funkadel­ic
  • Jack The Strip­per-Fairies Wear Boots — Ozzie Osborne
  • Banana Slug King — Psy­che­funka­pus
  • The Dis­tance — Cake
  • Let’s Take It To The Stage — Funkadel­ic
  • How Many More Times — Led Zep­pelin


Excerpt from “Jer­ry Before Sein­feld” — Jer­ry Sein­feld

Old Time Radio:

Drop Dead — X‑Minus One

Jaw Jack:

War of the Hood Rat World (Update) — Ira Har­mon

Nerd News:

Bernie Casey death, New Releas­es — Ira Har­mon

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