IHPM — Episode #115


Ira looks at cul­pa­bil­i­ty for sex­u­al pre­da­tion and ran­dom acts of vio­lence and the sci­en­tif­ic debate over whether or not we tru­ly have free will.

Opening Clip:

“French Fried Potaters” from the movie Sling Blade.


  • Sim­ple Plea­sure — Basia
  • What’s For­ev­er — Laima
  • Tulle — John Scofield
  • Time — Lionel Richie
  • East Riv­er Dri­ve — Stan­ley Clark
  • Where Is Love — Bob­by Cald­well
  • What­ev­er Lola Wants — Sarah Vaughn
  • Tell Me More About It — Natal­ie Cole
  • Call­ing You — Jevet­ta Steele
  • Bewitched — Ella Fitzger­ald
  • Soul­ful — Grover Wash­ing­ton
  • Sun­land — Marc Antoine


When your woman leaves you — Richard Pry­or

Old Time Radio:

Conqueror’s Isle — ESCAPE

Nerd News:

New Releas­es — Ira Har­mon

Something to Think About:

The Myth of Free Will — Ira Har­mon

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