IHPM — Episode #127


Ira looks into the phe­nom­e­non of Amer­i­can apa­thy regard­ing men­tal health and gun con­trol; Rus­sians and cyber war­fare. The music explores the con­ti­nent of Africa and its rich pas­tiche of sounds.

Opening Clip:

“Chick­en Feath­ers” com­e­dy clip from Bor­der House Blues Star­ring Moms Mab­ley (1948)


(The Sounds of Africa) From African Drums The Guy War­ren Sound and Opi­ka Pende Africa at 78 RPM

  • Waltz­ing Drums – Guy War­ren (Ghana)
  • Zen­dani Staif­fi – Youssef El ti et son orches­tra (Ara­bic; Alge­ria)
  • Rabi Alaam­lih Iydaabar, Pt. 2 — El Hadj Mohamed El-Anka (Ara­bic; Alge­ria)
  • Adhouh, Adhouh, Pt. 1 — Fatimah Bent Med­dah & Kouïder (Ara­bic; Alge­ria)
  • Ghe­ni­et Ben Sous­san, Pt. 7 — Cheikh Zouzou (Alge­ria)
  • Air De Kel Ajjer (Rhythme Elle­helleh) — Tuareg Women of Adrar Des Iforas (Touareg; Mali)
  • The Jam­bo Song — Ebenez­er Cal­en­der & His Maringer Band (Sier­ra; Leone)
  • De Ehuo — Black Beats Band (Ghana)
  • Domagbe — Yagbe and Her Group (Liberia)
  • Tu Nja Ten­gene Elie — Mbongue Diboue Et Son Ensem­ble (Cameroon)
  • Kibongue, Orchestre African Jazz — Titi – Kabase­le (Lin­gala; Con­go)
  • Napen­da — Coast Social Orches­tra (Swahili; Kenya)
  • Masan­ga – (Katan­ga; Con­go)
  • Fura­ha Ya Kanu – O.S. Africa Jazz One­ma Pas­cal (Swahili; Kenya)
  • Ndum­ba Waku­mi Diekde Dikasa – (Luba-Kasai; Con­go)
  • Siya­ham­ba – Fly­ing Jazz Queens (Zulu; South Africa)
  • Wati Si Sasekahipah­pa – Ameri­co Valen­ti (Tsonga; Mozam­bique)
  • Wachona Thayelo – Thayelo Kapiye Nyan­ja Trio (Chewa; Malawi)
  • Fuzhi Inopen­du­ka Kwen­da Lamukiya – Mula­ji Ronger and 2 Chok­we Women (Luvale, Chok­we; Ango­la)
  • Bam­bo Siyaya – Wil­son Makawa and His Gui­tar (Chewa: Malawi)
  • Nongqangqa Lis­hon­ile – Orbert Nen­tam­bo Zahke (Zulu; South Africa)


Pig­meat Markham

Old Time Radio:

A Mat­ter of Rea­son­able Doubt Part 2 — Yours Tru­ly, John­ny Dol­lar

Mass Shooting Report:

Look­ing back at Lau­rie Dann and 30 years of school shoot­ings, an Amer­i­can Cul­tur­al Tra­di­tion.

Nerd News:

The Rus­sians are com­ing, Cyber War­fare & New com­ic book Releas­es.

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