IHPM — Episode #13


Ira talks about Super­man vs. the Clan of the Fiery Cross, George Zim­mer­man, a trib­ute to the fall­en, boo­bies, ret­ri­bu­tion, Num Yum­mies, the film “White Water”, the new age of com­ic book char­ac­ters, and intu­ition.

Recommended Reading:

ArtofWhatWorks The Art of What Works: How Suc­cess Real­ly Hap­pens by William Dug­gan (ISBN: 0071412069)A com­mon­sense approach to cre­at­ing effec­tive new strate­gies from ones that are proven to work. From Napoleon through Jack Welch, great lead­ers have always “bor­rowed” great ideas from oth­ers. The Art of What Works cuts against the grain of today’s one-size-fits-all strate­gic gurus to argue that there are no intrin­si­cal­ly good or bad strategies–just flex­i­ble strate­gies that work best in giv­en sit­u­a­tions. Welch’s appro­pri­a­tion of Six Sig­ma from Motoro­la, and use of its best fea­tures to revi­tal­ize GE, is a recent exam­ple of this approach.
InkStainedAmazons Ink-Stained Ama­zons and Cin­e­mat­ic War­riors: Super­women in Mod­ern Mythol­o­gy by Jen­nifer K. Stuller (ISBN: 1845119657) — In this com­pre­hen­sive his­to­ry, inquiry, cri­tique, and ref­er­ence guide, Stuller argues that Super­women, from Won­der Woman to Charlie’s Angels, are more than just love inter­ests or side­kicks who stand by their super­men. She shows how the female hero in mod­ern mythol­o­gy has bro­ken through the tra­di­tion­al boy’s club bar­ri­er to reveal the piv­otal role of high-heeled crime­fight­ers in pop­u­lar cul­ture. Chap­ter top­ics include love and com­pas­sion, spies and sex­u­al­i­ty, daddy’s girls, and the com­pli­cat­ed roles of super­women who are also moth­ers. The book also includes a glos­sary of mod­ern myth­ic women, as well as a fore­word by acclaimed cul­tur­al com­men­ta­tor Roz Kaveney, author of Super­heroes! Capes and Cru­saders in Comics and Films.


  1. Keep Going (Fea­tur­ing Tony Joe White) — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  2. Ghost Yard — Bill Laswell (APC Tracks Vol­ume 2)
  3. Moanin’ (Fea­tur­ing Wayne Mar­tin) — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  4. Deep Shit Part 1&2 — Krud­er & Dorfmeis­ter (G-Stoned)
  5. Blast — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  6. Orig­i­nal Bed­room Rock­ers — Krud­er & Dorfmeis­ter (G-Stoned)
  7. Close2eve (feat. Timea) — Bertoli­ni (The Eclec­tic Sound Of Vien­na 1 + 2)
  8. Si Com­man­dante! (Real Shit Mix) — Bask (The Eclec­tic Sound Of Vien­na 1 + 2)
  9. Treat Me (Fea­tur­ing Willie Hutch) — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  10. Valdemossa (radio Edit) — Richard Dorfmeis­ter vs. Madrid De Los Aus­tria (Valdemossa EP)
  11. Way Down (Fea­tur­ing Ben Weaver) — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  12. Mas­ter Plan — Night­mares On Wax (Feel­in’ Good)
  13. The Adven­tures of Super­man — Super­man and the Clan of the Fiery Cross (Episode 10)
  14. S.I.P. — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  15. Wives — Bill Cos­by (Revenge Com­e­dy)
  16. Take It Slow (Fea­tur­ing Joe Dukie & U-Brown) — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)

Recommended Links:

Num Yum­mies

White Water trail­er

Low Band­width Broad­cast


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