IHPM — Episode #136


Ira Jaw Jacks about Inter­gen­er­a­tional pover­ty and the phi­los­o­phy of five year olds. Music from Star Trek, Al Green, Cur­tis May­field, Dada and Steely Dan. Old Time Radio con­tin­ues with part 4 of The Duke Red Mat­ter in Yours Tru­ly John­ny Dol­lar. Nerd News blot­ter and new comics releas­es.

Opening Clip:

“Scuze me while I whip this out!” — Cleav­on Lit­tle (from Blaz­ing Sad­dles).


STAR TREK 2009 Sound­track — Michael Giacchi­no

    • Star Trek
    • Nailin’ The Kelvin
    • Labor of Love
    • Hel­la Bar Talk
    • Enter­pris­ing Young Men
    • Nero Sight­ed
    • Nice To Meet You
    • Run And Shoot Offense
    • Does It Still Mcfly?
    • Nero Death Expe­ri­ence
    • Nero Fid­dles, Nara­da Burns
    • Back From Black
    • That New Car Smell
    • To Bold­ly Go
    • End Cred­its

Old Time Radio:

The Duke Red Mat­ter Part 4 — Yours Tru­ly, John­ny Dol­lar


    • Look What You Done For Me — Al Green
    • Eddie You Should Know Bet­ter — Cur­tis May­field
    • Dori­na — DaDa
    • F.M. — Steely Dan

Jaw Jack:

Inter­gen­er­a­tional Pover­ty — Ira Har­mon

Nerd News:

  • Nerd News Blot­ter — Ira Har­mon
  • New Releas­es — Ira Har­mon

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