IHPM — Episode #148


3 hour on air spe­cial- Ira Jaw Jacks about Coer­cive Pow­er and Police shoot­ings. Plus The return of the Nig­ger Dis­course edit­ed for radio. Nerd News, Papa John Schnat­ter and his big mouth, new releas­es.

Opening Clip:

“I’ll have what she’s hav­ing” — fake orgasm scene from When Har­ry Met Sal­ly.


  • Fuer­sat­tel — Boozoo Bajou (Grains)
  • Same Sun — Boozoo Bajou (Grains)
  • Mes­sen­gers — Boozoo Bajou (Grains)
  • 9 Below Zero — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  • Dream Light — Bill Laswell­­­ (Div­ina­tion)
  • Biwak — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  • Fin­ish­ing Jubilee Stree — Nick Cave (Push The Sky Away)
  • Way Down — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  • Mas­ter Plan — Night­mares On Wax
  • So Here We Are — Night­mares On Wax
  • Luna 2 — Night­mares On Wax
  • S.I.P. — Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)

Old Time Radio:

Super­sti­tion Be Hanged — Dark Fan­ta­sy

Nerd News:

News Blot­ter, New releas­es

Jaw Jack:

Coer­cive Pow­er — Ira Har­mon


Ms. Bon­go 1/Spring Ambiance — Tosca

The Nigger Discourse

(Returns Edit­ed for Radio)

An exam­i­na­tion of the word Nig­ger — Ira Har­mon

Sign Off

Low Band­width Broad­cast

Podcast Series

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