IHPM — Episode #15


Lis­ten to Ira Har­mon as he talks plas­tic surgery, body mod­i­fi­ca­tion, human traf­fick­ing, big brains, birth­days and flesh in the third install­ment of his dis­cus­sion on body parts.

Recommended Reading:

psychic_vampires_tn Pyschic Vam­pires by Joe H. Slate, PhD. (ISBN: 0738701912) — Con­sum­ing ener­gy instead of blood, psy­chic vam­pires come in a vari­ety of unsus­pect­ing guis­es. This unique approach to the sub­ject will intro­duce you to a trio of new thieves: group vam­pires, par­a­sitic vam­pires, and glob­al vam­pirism.

Explor­ing envi­ron­men­tal, devel­op­men­tal, and past-life fac­tors, Psy­chic Vam­pires presents effec­tive step-by-step empow­er­ment pro­ce­dures you can use to pro­tect your­self and replen­ish your ener­gy reserves. This prac­ti­cal guide offers:

Family_Myths_tn Fam­i­ly Myths by Joyce Block, PhD (ISBN: 0684802430) — In the ongo­ing dra­ma of fam­i­ly life, chil­dren often assume, or are assigned, roles based on their par­ents’ unspo­ken needs, fears, or desires. Draw­ing on clas­si­cal myths, fairy tales, and the writ­ings of R. D. Laing, Freud, and oth­er experts in fam­i­ly dynam­ics, as well as case stud­ies of her own patients, Joyce Block shows us how our child­hood labels — be it the Fam­i­ly Brain, the Wild Child, the Ne’er-Do-Well, or the Prodi­gal Son — influ­ence our behav­ior as adults.


  1. Excerpt from Aliens
  2. Bas­ket — by Fell Venus  (@)
  3. Points of Author­i­ty — Linkin Park (Hybrid The­o­ry)
  4. Baw­ita­ba — Kid Rock (Dev­il With­out a Cause)
  5. Got The Life — Korn (Fol­low The Leader)
  6. Take a Look Around — Limp Bizk­it (Choco­late Starfish & The Hot Dog Fla­vored Water)
  7. Bod­ies — Drown­ing Pool (XXX OST)
  8. Mil­lion­aire — Queens of the Stone Age (Songs For The Deaf)
  9. Enough Space — Foo Fight­ers (The Colour and The Shape)
  10. Bad Pen­ny — Big Black (Songs About Fuck­ing)
  11. Para­noid — Black Sab­bath (Para­noid)
  12. Price of Gaso­line — Bloc Par­ty (Bloc Par­ty)
  13. Deci­bel — ACDC (Black Ice)
  14. Work Like A Horse-Drink Like A Fish — Psy­che­funka­pus (Skin)
  15. Smells Like Teen Spir­it — Nir­vana (Nev­er­mind)
  16. Alice In My Fan­tasies — Funkadel­ic (Stand­ing On The Verge Of Get­ting It On)
  17. Women — Def Lep­pard (Hys­te­ria)
  18. The Lone Ranger & Ton­to — Bill Cos­by (The Best of Bill Cos­by)
  19. The Dis­tance — Cake (Fash­ion Nugget)
  20. Pump It Up — Elvis Costel­lo (Rock & Roll Music)
  21. Super­man and the Clan of the Fiery Cross part 12

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