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Recommended Reading:

 MyEnemyMyLove My Ene­my, My Love: Women, Men, and the Dilem­mas of Gen­der by Judith Levine (ISBN: 0385410808) — An explo­ration of why women hate men culls women’s stereo­types of men from pop­u­lar cul­ture, art, and pol­i­tics and draws anec­dotes from inter­views to explore this hatred. Reprint. AB. K.
scumManifesto SCUM Man­i­festo by Valerie Solanas (ISBN: 1849351805) — First cir­cu­lat­ed on the streets of Green­wich Vil­lage in 1967, the SCUM Man­i­festo is a sear­ing indict­ment of patri­ar­chal cul­ture in all its forms. Shift­ing flu­id­ly between the worlds of satire and straight­for­ward cri­tique, this clas­sic is a call to action—a rad­i­cal fem­i­nist vision for a dif­fer­ent world. This is an update of the essen­tial AK Press edi­tion, with a new fore­word.
ComicWars Com­ic Wars: Marvel’s Bat­tle For Sur­vival by Dan Raviv (ISBN: 0785116060) — From the coau­thor of the New York Times best­seller Every Spy a Prince comes the col­or­ful true sto­ry of the busi­ness super­heroes who res­cued Mar­vel Comics from bank­rupt­cy. In the mid-1990s, Mar­vel Enter­tain­ment became embroiled in a cri­sis as strange as one of its com­ic book sto­ries. Locked in a bat­tle for con­trol of the half-cen­tu­ry-old com­pa­ny were two Goliath-style cor­po­rate raiders and two vir­tu­al­ly unknown Davids: Israeli immi­grants with a pas­sion for the toy busi­ness. This was a test of wills that led to a unique Wall Street show­down.
10centPlague The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Com­ic-Book Scare and How It Changed Amer­i­ca by David Haj­du (ISBN: 0374187673) — In the years between World War II and the emer­gence of tele­vi­sion as a mass medi­um, Amer­i­can pop­u­lar cul­ture as we know it was first created–in the pulpy, bold­ly illus­trat­ed pages of com­ic books. No soon­er had this new cul­ture emerged than it was beat­en down by church groups, com­mu­ni­ty blue­stock­ings, and a McCarthy­ish Congress–only to resur­face with a crooked smile on its face in Mad mag­a­zine.


1. Royale with Cheese (dia­logue) — Samuel L. Jack­son (Pulp Fic­tion Sound­track)

2. Used to Rule The World — Bon­nie Raitt (Slip­stream)

3. Hol­ly­wood Per­fume — Pre­tenders (Last of the Inde­pen­dents)

4. Rosalinda’s Eyes — Bil­ly Joel (52nd Street)

5. Walk­ing on the Moon — The Police (Reg­gat­ta de Blanc)

6. Ghost Town — The Spe­cials (Snatch Sound­track)

7. Phone Call from the Moon — Adri­an Belew (Young Lions)

8. Ice Cream Cas­tles — The Time (Ice Cream Cas­tles)

9. (You Caught Me) Smilin’ — Sly & The Fam­i­ly Stone (There’s a Riot Goin’ On)

10. Pim­pers Par­adise — Bob Mar­ley (Nat­ur­al Mys­tic: The Leg­end Lives On)

11. Instant Kar­ma — John Lennon (Shaved Fish)

12. Menuet­to Alle­gret­to — Mozart

13. (If You Were) In My Movie — Suzanne Vega (99.9F°)

14. Don’t Eat The Yel­low Snow — Frank Zap­pa (You Can’t Do That On Stage Any­more Vol. 1)

15. Unknown (sounds like theme from a blax­ploita­tion film) — Earth Wind and Fire

16. C’est La Vie — UB40 (Promis­es And Lies)

17. Puz­zle — Dada (Puz­zle)

18. Can’t Stand It — Steel Pulse (Do the Right Thing Sound­track)

19. Abbaon Fat Tracks — Tricky (Max­in­quaye)

20. I Can Dance (fea­tur­ing Sue God) — George Clin­ton and P-Funk All-stars  (How Late Do U Have 2 B B 4 U R Absent)

21. The Dif­fer­ence Between Men and Women — Bill Cos­by (Bill Cos­by Is a Very Fun­ny Fellow…Right!)

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