IHPM — Episode #31


Ira talks about the dan­gers of sex and the scan­dal of Bill Cos­by with audio clips from Eddie Mur­phy, Bill Cos­by, Richard Pryor’s wife, and the sto­ry of Fat­ty Arbuck­le who was the first come­di­an to suf­fer a career assas­si­na­tion in the media behind a trumped up sex scan­dal.


Excerpt from Kali­for­nia (Smelly Feet & $30 for a motel)

The Entire 1969 Album –Quin­cy Jones & Bill Cos­by – The Orig­i­nal Jam Ses­sions. The album was record­ed as back­ing music for The Bill Cos­by Show in 1969.

  1. Hikky-Burr (Kin­caid Kin­folk) 5:58
  2. Groovy Gravy 8:14
  3. Oh Hap­py Day (fea­tur­ing  Edwin Hawkins) 4:20
  4. Jim­my Cookin’ On Top (Inter­lude) 1:42
  5. Toe Jam 7:49
  6. Jive Den 3:13
  7. Eubie Walkin’ 7:00
  8. Mon­ty, Is That You (fea­tur­ing Bill Cos­by & Mon­ty Alexan­der) 6:44
  9. The Draw­ing Room (Inter­lude) 0:54
  10. Hikky-Burr (fea­tur­ing Bill Cos­by) 3:47

The Adven­tures of Super­man Episode 17

Low Band­width Broad­cast

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