IHPM — Episode #42

Opening Movie Clip

Killing Them Soft­ly (Amer­i­ca is not a coun­try it’s a busi­ness so fuckin’ pay me)


Juras­sic Park Sound­track

  • Theme form Juras­sic Park (0:34)
  • Inci­dent at Isla Nublar (3:27)
  • Jour­ney to the Island (5:20)
  • The Rap­tor Attack (8:53)
  • Hatch­ing Baby Rap­tor (2:49)
  • Wel­come to Juras­sic Park (3:21)
  • My Friend the Bra­chiosaurus (7:55)
  • Den­nis Steals the Embryo (4:16)
  • A Tree for My Bed (4:56)
  • High-Wire Stunts (2:12)
  • Remem­ber­ing Pet­ti­coat Lane (4:09)
  • Juras­sic Park Gate (2:04)
  • Eye to Eye (6:32)
  • T‑Rex Res­cue & Finale (7:40  )
  • End Cred­its (3:26)


The Adven­tures of Super­man    (Super­man v.s. The Atom Man Episode 28)


C2E2 and the 12 picks for Wednes­day 3-23-2016


PocketLawyer The Pock­et Lawyer for Com­ic Book Cre­ators: A Legal Toolk­it for Com­ic Book Artists and Writ­ers by Thomas A. Crow­ell Esq.

Focal Press’ Pock­et Lawyer series serves as a legal toolk­it for inde­pen­dent pro­duc­ers and artists in the cre­ative indus­tries.

The Pock­et Lawyer for Com­ic Book Cre­ators is designed to help emerg­ing artists and vet­er­an pro­fes­sion­als in the com­ic book indus­try build a sol­id foun­da­tion of busi­ness and com­mu­ni­ca­tion prac­tices that they need to thrive in today’s ever-chang­ing, uncer­tain world of indie comics. Read­ers will learn to pro­tect their copy­rights, nego­ti­ate pub­lish­ing deals, hire artists so every­one wins, and learn the ins and outs of key con­tracts with this help­ful resource.


Juras­sic World Sound­track

  • Bury the Hatch­ling
  • The Fam­i­ly That Strays Togeth­er
  • Wel­come to Juras­sic World
  • As the Juras­sic World Turns
  • Clear­ly His First Rodeo
  •  Owen You Noth­ing
  • Indomi­nus Wrecks
  • Gyros­phere of Influ­ence
  • Pavane for a Dead Apatosaurus
  • Fits and Jump­starts
  • The Dimor­phodon Shuf­fle
  • Love in the Time of Pterosauria
  • Chas­ing the Drag­ons
  • Rap­tor Your Heart Out
  • Cos­ta Rican Stand­off
  • Our Rex Is Big­ger Than Yours
  • Growl and Make Up
  • Nine to Sur­vival Job
  • The Park Is Closed
  • Juras­sic World Suite
  • It’s a Small Juras­sic World
  • The Ham­mond Lab Over­ture
  • The Brock­way Mono­rail
  • Sun­rise O’er Juras­sic World


Don’t for­get that next week Ira Har­mon’s Pop Machine
will be mov­ing to Mon­days 12PM to 2PM CST


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