IHPM — Episode #46


Ira talks about shit we believe in. Focus­ing on the idea of Kar­ma and whether or not west­ern thought can tru­ly under­stand it.


Repoman’s got all night every night (From Repo­man)


John Williams

  • The Sug­ar­land Express Main Theme
  • Jaws Main Theme
  • Close Encoun­ters of the Third Kind – Suite
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark – March
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark – The Map Room; Dawn
  • The Extra Ter­res­tri­al – Adven­tures on Earth
  • Indi­ana Jones and the Tem­ple of Doom – Mine Car Chase
  • Indi­ana Jones and the Tem­ple of Doom – End Cred­its
  • Empire of the Sun – Exul­tate Justi
  • Indi­ana Jones and the Last Cru­sade – Indy’s First Adven­ture


The Adven­tures of Super­man – Super­man ver­sus The Atom Man (Episode 32)


  • Music Intro – Instant Kar­ma – John Lennon
  • Crap We Believe In : Kar­ma — Ira Har­mon
  • Music Out­ro – Kar­ma Chameleon – Cul­ture Club


  • Pay­back –James Brown
  • Back Stab­bers – O’Jays


Comics for Wednes­day

Recommended Reading:

Karma_1590308883 Kar­ma: What It Is, What It Isn’t, Why It Mat­ters by Tra­leg Kyab­gon (ISBN: 1590308883) -A jar­gon-free expla­na­tion of two cen­tral teach­ings of the Bud­dha: kar­ma and rebirth.

The Buddha’s teach­ing on kar­ma (lit­er­al­ly, “action”) is noth­ing oth­er than his com­pas­sion­ate expla­na­tion of the way things are: our thoughts and actions deter­mine our future, and there­fore we our­selves are large­ly respon­si­ble for the way our lives unfold. Yet this supreme­ly use­ful teach­ing is often ignored due to the mis­con­cep­tions about it that abound in pop­u­lar cul­ture, espe­cial­ly over­sim­pli­fi­ca­tions that make it seem like some­thing not to be tak­en seri­ous­ly. Kar­ma is not sim­ple, as Tra­leg Kyab­gon shows, and it’s to be tak­en very seri­ous­ly indeed. He cuts through the per­sis­tent illu­sions we cling to about kar­ma to show what it real­ly is—the mechan­ics of why we suf­fer and how we can make the suf­fer­ing end. He explains how a real­is­tic under­stand­ing of kar­ma is indis­pens­able to Bud­dhist prac­tice, how it pro­vides a foun­da­tion for a moral life, and how under­stand­ing it can have a trans­for­ma­tive effect on the way we relate to our thoughts and feel­ings and to those around us.

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