IHPM — Episode #90


Music from the film HEAT, Com­e­dy Richard Pry­or and Cocaine Abuse, Ira’s Jaw Jack Do Negroes Still Exist?, Old Time Radio “Qui­et Please”.

Opening Film Clip:

Paul New­man in the Hus­tler, thumb break­ing scene in sleazy pool hall, updat­ed for the gay agen­da.


Music from the motion pic­ture “Heat”:

  • Heat — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Always For­ev­er Now — Pas­sen­gers
  • Con­densers — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Refin­ery Sur­veil­lance — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Last Night — Ter­je Ryp­dal & The Chasers
  • Ultra­ma­rine — Michael Brook
  • Arme­nia — Einst Erzende Neubaut­en
  • Of Help­less­ness — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Steel Cel­lo Lament — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Mys­tery Man — Ter­je Ryp­dal
  • New Dawn Fades — Moby
  • Entra­da and Shootout — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Force Mark­er — Bri­an Eno
  • Cof­fee Shop — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Fate Scrapes — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Song of the Drowned — Lisa Ger­rard
  • Glo­radin — Lisa Ger­rard
  • Run Uphill — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • Preda­tor Dio­ra­ma — Elliot Gold­en­thal
  • God Mov­ing Over the Face of the Waters — Moby


Cocaine — Richard Pry­or

Old Time Radio:

Sher­lock Holmes — “Qui­et Please”

Jaw Jack:

Do Negroes Still Exist? — Ira Har­mon

Sign Off

Something Extra:

The Reser­voir Dogs: Orig­i­nal Motion Pic­ture Sound­track:

  • And Now Lit­tle Green Bag… – dia­logue extract per­formed by Steven Wright
  • Lit­tle Green Bag – The George Bak­er Selec­tion
  • Rock Flock of Five – dia­logue extract per­formed by Steven Wright
  • Hooked on a Feel­ing – Blue Swede
  • Bohemiath – dia­logue extract per­formed by Steven Wright
  • I Gotcha – Joe Tex
  • Mag­ic Car­pet Ride – Bed­lam
  • Madon­na Speech – dia­logue extract per­formed by Quentin Taran­ti­no, Edward Bunker, Lawrence Tier­ney, Steve Busce­mi, and Har­vey Kei­t­el
  • Fool for Love – Sandy Rogers
  • Super Sounds – dia­logue extract per­formed by Steven Wright
  • Stuck in the Mid­dle with You – Steal­ers Wheel
  • Har­vest Moon – Bed­lam
  • Let’s Get a Taco – dia­logue extract per­formed by Har­vey Kei­t­el and Tim Roth
  • Keep on Truckin’ – dia­logue extract per­formed by Steven Wright
  • Coconut – Har­ry Nils­son
  • Home of Rock – dia­logue extract per­formed by Steven Wright
  • That’s the Way of the World — Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Mama Told Me Not to Come — Three Dog Night
  • Black Mag­ic Woman — San­tana
  • Thank You (Falet­tin­me Be Mice Elf Agin) — Sly and the Fam­i­ly Stone
  • Tears of a Clown — Smokey Robin­son & the Mir­a­cles
  • Love on a Two-Way Street — The Moments
  • Lone­ly Days — The Bee Gees

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