IHPM — Episode #93


Ira con­tin­ues to offer tips for stay­ing out of the prison sys­tem by mak­ing your­self an unat­trac­tive tar­get on the hunt­ing grounds of the inner city. Nerd News talks about rich peo­ple, dead peo­ple, home­less peo­ple, mur­dered peo­ple, broke peo­ple and new releas­es.

Opening Movie Clip:

“Shoot don’t talk” from Eli Walach as Tuco in The Good The Bad and The Ugly.


Mozart Vio­lin Con­cert No. 5 and Piano Con­cert No. 25 by Zimmermann/Zacharias/Bertini

Jaw Jack:

Arrest Proof Your­self (Part 2) by Ira Har­mon

Old Time Radio:

Yours Tru­ly John­ny Dol­lar (The Sil­ver Blue Mat­ter-Part 3)

Nerd News:

Rich folks, Dead Folks, Broke Folks & New Releas­es.

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