IHPM – December 11, 2023


Catch All
Catch All
IHPM - December 11, 2023


It’s the Happy Holidaze with plenty of caloric intake and consumption of intoxicating chemistry. Not least of which is all the THC and cannabis clouds floating above the heads of Christmas party patrons. That smoke gets into everything including this episode of Ira Harmon’s Popmachine. All you Vipers became Vapers but the high is still the dragon you chase. Light ‘em up if you got some of that doja, tea, jive, or gage, and kick back and listen to the odes to Marijuana.

(Subbing for Abu Ben Badd whose out on personal business.)

Opening Clip:

Reefer Madness Movie Trailer


  • Reefer ManDon Redman
  • The Man From HarlemCab Calloway
  • Here Comes The Man With The JiveStuff Smith
  • If You’re a ViperBob Howard
  • Texas Tea PartyBenny Goodman & Jack Teagarden
  • Light UpBuster Baily & His Rhythm Busters
  • Jack I’m MellowTrixie Smith
  • Sweet Marijuana BrownBarney Bigard
  • Viper MadSidney Bechet & Noble Sissle’s Swingers
  • The Weed Smoker’s DreamThe Harlem Hamfats
  • The “G” Man Got the “T” Man and GoneCee Pee Johnson
  • All The Jive Is GoneAndy Kirk & His Clouds of Joy
  • The Stuff Is HereGeorgia White
  • Wacky DustElla Fitzgerald (feat. Chick Webb and His Orchestra)
  • Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs’ Murphy’s Ovaltine? Harry “The Hipster” Gibson
  • Jerry the JunkerClarence Williams
  • You’re A Viper (The Reefer Song)Fats Waller
  • Lotus BlossomJulia Lee & The Tommy Douglas Orchestra
  • Willie The Chimney SweeperErnest Rodgers


  • TambourineChris Rock

Jaw Jack:

  • An Open Letter 2 all U MFsIra Harmon

Old Time Radio:

  • Yours, Truly, Johnny Dollar
    The Lansing Fraud Matter part 1 -2)
    – John Dawson


  • The BatFlip Wilson

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