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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #105
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Broadcast during the solar eclipse, Ira looks at what makes people tick and the concept of following leaders: Will the South rise again while the Trump presidency falls? A look at the world that could have been had Japan and the Nazi’s won the war; A tribute to comedians Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis. The mellowest music you’ve heard in a while! Don’t touch that dial!

Opening Clip:

The American Eclipse explained


  • Sparkling In The Sand – Tower of Power
  • Hey There Lonely Girl – Eddie Holman
  • Heaven Must be Like This – Ohio Players
  • In The Rain – Dramatics
  • Have You Seen Her? – The Chi-Lites
  • The Love We Had – The Dells
  • Still Waters – The Four Tops
  • Castles Made Of Sand – Jimi Hendrix
  • Just My Imagination – Temptations
  • Didn’t I Blow Your Mind – Delfonics
  • People Make The World Go Round – Stylistics
  • What You See (Is What You Get) – Dramatics

Comedy Tribute:

Dick Gregory’s Last performance

Jaw Jack:

What Makes People Tick? – Ira Harmon

Media Mastication:

  • Nazi Bucket List – Read by Ira Harmon
  • Nazis and the KKK – A.M. Joy
  • Sniveling White Supremacist – Christopher Cantwell
  • Tribute to Jerry Lewis – TV News

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