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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #116
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Ira continues his discourse on the theory of “Free Will” and the malady of modern day mass murder and its history in the United States.

Opening Clip:

Tears in Rain-The Death of Roy Batty from Blade Runner the Director’s Cut.


  • Echo – Bill Lasswell (Possession Off World One)
  • Rainfall – Bill Lasswell (Possession Off World One)
  • Shadow Crossing – Bill Lasswell (Possession Off World One)
  • Asceding – Bill Lasswell (Possession Off World One)
  • Distal Sonority – Bill Lasswell and Mick Harris (Somnific Flux)


Coming Soon


Old Time Radio:

The Best of Chickenman (1966) – Dick Orkin

Nerd News:

New Comic book releases.

Something to Think About:

  • Neurosociety  and the History of – Ira Harmon
  • Modern Mass Murder – Ira Harmon


  • Telepathy 1 (Psychonavigation 3) – Bill Lasswell

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