Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
IHPM - Episode #13
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Ira talks about Superman vs. the Clan of the Fiery Cross, George Zimmerman, a tribute to the fallen, boobies, retribution, Num Yummies, the film “White Water“, the new age of comic book characters, and intuition.

Recommended Reading:

ArtofWhatWorks The Art of What Works: How Success Really Happens by William Duggan (ISBN: 0071412069)A commonsense approach to creating effective new strategies from ones that are proven to work. From Napoleon through Jack Welch, great leaders have always “borrowed” great ideas from others. The Art of What Works cuts against the grain of today’s one-size-fits-all strategic gurus to argue that there are no intrinsically good or bad strategies–just flexible strategies that work best in given situations. Welch’s appropriation of Six Sigma from Motorola, and use of its best features to revitalize GE, is a recent example of this approach.
InkStainedAmazons Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology by Jennifer K. Stuller (ISBN: 1845119657) – In this comprehensive history, inquiry, critique, and reference guide, Stuller argues that Superwomen, from Wonder Woman to Charlie’s Angels, are more than just love interests or sidekicks who stand by their supermen. She shows how the female hero in modern mythology has broken through the traditional boy’s club barrier to reveal the pivotal role of high-heeled crimefighters in popular culture. Chapter topics include love and compassion, spies and sexuality, daddy’s girls, and the complicated roles of superwomen who are also mothers. The book also includes a glossary of modern mythic women, as well as a foreword by acclaimed cultural commentator Roz Kaveney, author of Superheroes! Capes and Crusaders in Comics and Films.


  1. Keep Going (Featuring Tony Joe White) – Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  2. Ghost Yard – Bill Laswell (APC Tracks Volume 2)
  3. Moanin’ (Featuring Wayne Martin) – Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  4. Deep Shit Part 1&2 – Kruder & Dorfmeister (G-Stoned)
  5. Blast – Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  6. Original Bedroom Rockers – Kruder & Dorfmeister (G-Stoned)
  7. Close2eve (feat. Timea) – Bertolini (The Eclectic Sound Of Vienna 1 + 2)
  8. Si Commandante! (Real Shit Mix) – Bask (The Eclectic Sound Of Vienna 1 + 2)
  9. Treat Me (Featuring Willie Hutch) – Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  10. Valdemossa (radio Edit) – Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austria (Valdemossa EP)
  11. Way Down (Featuring Ben Weaver) – Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  12. Master Plan – Nightmares On Wax (Feelin’ Good)
  13. The Adventures of Superman – Superman and the Clan of the Fiery Cross (Episode 10)
  14. S.I.P. – Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)
  15. Wives – Bill Cosby (Revenge Comedy)
  16. Take It Slow (Featuring Joe Dukie & U-Brown) – Boozoo Bajou (Dust My Broom)

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