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IHPM - Episode #138
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Ira postpones his Jaw Jack on the Black Panther and instead does an ad hoc investigation into what the hell Kanye West is talking about when he says “Slavery was a choice” in Nerd News. The Music on today’s show spans the gamut from Rock to Hip Hop to Rap to Rhythm and Blues to Soul to Dub, to Trip Hop to Electronic Funk. Old Time Radio starts a new adventure of Johnny Dollar, Richard Pryor reminisces about his trip to Africa. Ira announces the first Kickstarter campaign for the Popmachine.

Opening Clip:

Killmonger’s Cabinet Speech from the film Black Panther.


  • Burning Bridges – Living Color
  • Gold Digger – Kanye West
  • Return of the “G” – OutKast
  • Questions – Donnie Trumpet feat Chance the Rapper
  • People Get Ready – Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions
  • A Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke
  • Diamonds and Pearls – Prince
  • Placebo Syndrome – Parliament
  • I’ve Committed Murder – Mos Def feat Macy Gray
  • Keep It Movin’ – Missy Elliot feat Elephant Man
  • Fly In – Lil’ Wayne
  • Shooter – Lil’ Wayne
  • Big Nick’s – Boozoo Bajou
  • Dracula (Remix) – Bill Laswell
  • Samo Echo (Popmachine Remix) – Bill Laswell


Richard Pryor on trying to find his roots – Live At The Sunset Strip (1982)

Old Time Radio:

The Flight Six Matter – Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

Nerd News:

Kanye, Latest Releases and Kickstarter.

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