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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #141
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During the end of Nerd News Ira rants about the non-inclusiveness of the witch hunt for debauchery in Hollywood and other businesses. Why have the debauchers, Donald Trump, Victor Salva and R. Kelly gotten a pass while Bill the Pill, Harvey the Hump and Kevin the crotch clutcher have been thrown on the fire.

Opening Clip:

“No Mister Bond, I expect you to die” from GOLDFINGER


A Tribute to all the opening credit music from 50 years of James Bond Films.

  • James Bond Theme – The John Barry Orchestra
  • From Russia With Love – Matt Monroe
  • Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey
  • Thunderball – Tom Jones
  • You Only Live Twice – Nancy Sinatra
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – The John Barry Orchestra
  • We Have All The Time In The World – Louis Armstrong
  • Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey
  • Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney & Wings
  • The Man With The Golden Gun – Lulu
  • Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon
  • Moonraker – Shirley Bassey
  • For Your Eyes Only – Sheena Easton
  • All Time High – Rita Coolidge
  • A View to a Kill – Duran Duran
  • The Living Daylights – A-Ha
  • License To Kill – Gladys Knight
  • Goldeneye – Tina Turner
  • Tomorrow Never Dies – Sheryl Crow
  • The World IS Not Enough – Garbage
  • Die Another Day – Madonna
  • You Know My Name – Chris Cornell
  • Another Way To Die – Jack White & Alicia Keys

Old Time Radio:

The Flight Six Matter Part 4 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Nerd News:

  • New Comic Book Releases
  • Ira’s Soap Box (Victor Salva and Jeepers Creepers)

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