Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
IHPM - Episode #23
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Recommended Reading:

40MillionDollarSlaves Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athletes by William C. Rhoden (ISBN: 0307353141) – Provocative and controversial, Rhoden’s $40 Million Slaves weaves a compelling narrative of black athletes in the United States, from the plantation to their beginnings in nineteenth-century boxing rings to the history-making accomplishments of notable figures such as Jesse Owens, Althea Gibson, and Willie Mays. Rhoden reveals that black athletes’ “evolution” has merely been a journey from literal plantationswhere sports were introduced as diversions to quell revolutionary stirringsto today’s figurative ones, in the form of collegiate and professional sports programs.


  1. Excerpt from Eraserhead
  2. 1. Song – Artist (Album)
  3. For Your Precious Love – Jerry Butler
  4. You got What It Takes – Bobby Parker
  5. You Can Make It If You Try – Gene Allison
  6. It’s You I Love – Dillard Crom Jr.
  7. Pigtails & Blue Jeans – Leonard Carbo
  8. High School Diploma – The Capers
  9. Nobody But You – Dee Clark
  10. (Do The) Chicken – Billy “The Kid” Emerson
  11. Hatti Mallati – Lee Diamond
  12. The Twist – Hank Ballard
  13. Here I Stand – Wade Flemons
  14. Almost Grown – Chuck Berry
  15. Wake Up – The Upsetters
  16. A Rockin’ Good Way – Pricilla Bowman
  17. Marsha – The Prodigals
  18. Will You ever Be Mine – Donne Elbert
  19. Just Keep It Up – Dee Clark
  20. Promises Promises – Pricilla Bowman
  21. Maybellene – Chuck Berry
  22. Hey Little Girl – Dee Clark
  23. Multiple Sarcasms (Ira Harmon)
  24. Superman vs The Atom Man (episode 4)
  25. Great Moments in Broadcast History – O.J. Simpson
  26. Comedy Skit – Paul Mooney
  27. Geek of the Week Nerd News (Ira Harmon)

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