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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #31
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Ira talks about the dangers of sex and the scandal of Bill Cosby with audio clips from Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor’s wife, and the story of Fatty Arbuckle who was the first comedian to suffer a career assassination in the media behind a trumped up sex scandal.


Excerpt from Kalifornia (Smelly Feet & $30 for a motel)

The Entire 1969 Album –Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby – The Original Jam Sessions. The album was recorded as backing music for The Bill Cosby Show in 1969.[spacer height=”10px”]

  1. Hikky-Burr (Kincaid Kinfolk) 5:58
  2. Groovy Gravy 8:14
  3. Oh Happy Day (featuring  Edwin Hawkins) 4:20
  4. Jimmy Cookin’ On Top (Interlude) 1:42
  5. Toe Jam 7:49
  6. Jive Den 3:13
  7. Eubie Walkin’ 7:00
  8. Monty, Is That You (featuring Bill Cosby & Monty Alexander) 6:44
  9. The Drawing Room (Interlude) 0:54
  10. Hikky-Burr (featuring Bill Cosby) 3:47
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