Catch All
Catch All
IHPM - Episode #37
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Movie Clip

Mandingo (Boiled Slave Sequence)

Music Mix

War of the Worlds (Sound Track) – John Williams

Track List:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Ferry Scene
  3. Reaching the Country
  4. The Intersection Scene
  5. Ray and Rachel
  6. Escape From the City
  7. Probing the Basement
  8. Refuge Status
  9. Attack on the Car
  10. The Separation of the Family
  11. The Confrontation with Ogilvy
  12. The Return to Boston
  13. Escape from the Basket
  14. The Reunion
  15. Epilogue

Old Time Radio

  • The Adventures of Superman – Superman Versus The Atom Man [Episode 23]


  1. Buck, Buck – Bill Cosby (Revenge)
  2. Something to Think About
  3. One Armed Shoe Bandit the Colonized Mind and The World is My Idea

Nerd News

  • TV Show Cancellations
  • Comic Collector to get half a million dollars for Spiderman Comic at auction
  • New Releases for Wednesday


  • Ryan Reynolds Google Talk Interview on the Deadpool movie


  1. Lost In Space – Derb (Trancemaster 4004)
  2. The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution – Frank Zapa (Sleep Dirt)
  3. Blank Frank – Brian Eno (Here Come the Warm Jets)
  4. 2000 BC – Basehead (Play With Toys)
  5. Hard As Steel – George Clinton (T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M.)
  6. Intro – Basehead (Play With Toys)
  7. Not Over You – Basehead (Play With Toys)


  • Chinese Restaurant

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