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Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
IHPM - Episode #9



Ira talks about the history of racism in Baseball, the current troubles of Colin Cowherd for saying that Dominican ball players are stupid and his loss of his job with ESPN. The Current gaff resulting in Hulk Hogan being dropped from the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for expressing racist sentiment regarding his daughter’s dating life. A follow-up story about the Richard Belzer lawsuit against Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. and pro-wrestling’s metamorphosis from ugly sport to family entertainment through the guidance of Vince McMahon Jr. An explanation of the significance and impact of re-airing the 1946 Superman versus The Clan of the Fiery Cross ongoing radio serial.

Recommended Reading:

Hulk Hogan

Hollywood Hulk Hogan with Michael Jan Friedman (ISBN: 0-7434-5690-4) – The complete story of the most successful wrestler of them all; In the late 1970s Terry Bollea was part of a rock band playing smoky, low-key bars. Few would imagine that twenty years later the man who became known as Hulk Hogan would stand as arguably the most successful wrestler of all time, a man whose name is synonymous with the WWE.

The Pol Pot Regime

The Pol Pot Regime/Race, Power, and Genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-79 by Ben Kiernan (ISBN: 0-300-07052-7)
– The Khmer Rouge revolution turned Cambodia into grisly killing fields, as the Pol Pot regime murdered or starved to death a million and a half of Cambodia’s eight million inhabitants. This book—the first comprehensive study of the Pol Pot regime—describes the violent origins, social context, and course of the revolution, providing a new answer to the question of why a group of Cambodian intellectuals imposed genocide on their own country.


  1. Pa Los Mariao – 90 Grados
  2. Bomba – Los Mestizos
  3. Hay Muchacha – El Yabo
  4. Farandulera – 90 Grados
  5. Mi Gatina Y Yo – Guanabanas Featuring Daddy Yankee & May Yen
  6. Tempted To Touch (Reggaeton Remix) – Rupee Featuring Daddy Yankee
  7. Tu Pai – Vakero
  8. Bandolera – Los Mestizos
  9. Primavera – Carlos Santana
  10. Corazon Espinado – Carlos Santana
  11. Azucar – Eddie Palmieri
  12. Digale – David Pabon
  13. Mi Sonsito – Eddie Palmieri
  14. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson
  15. Mamacita – Outkast
  16. The Adventures of Superman in Superman versus The Clan of the Fiery Cross (Episode 6)
  17. Freddy Prinze Stand-up (Excerpt from Midnight Special)

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