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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #93
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Ira continues to offer tips for staying out of the prison system by making yourself an unattractive target on the hunting grounds of the inner city. Nerd News talks about rich people, dead people, homeless people, murdered people, broke people and new releases.

Opening Movie Clip:

“Shoot don’t talk” from Eli Walach as Tuco in The Good The Bad and The Ugly.


Mozart Violin Concert No. 5 and Piano Concert No. 25 by Zimmermann/Zacharias/Bertini

Jaw Jack:

Arrest Proof Yourself (Part 2) by Ira Harmon

Old Time Radio:

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (The Silver Blue Matter-Part 3)

Nerd News:

Rich folks, Dead Folks, Broke Folks & New Releases.

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