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Catch All
IHPM – June 15, 2020



Ira continues his train of thought on current events by going topographical on a mutha. In other words he’s still telling it like it is. Only this time he lets the source do the talking. Dave Chappelle weighs in on the topographical situation in his not-so-comedic dissertation in a piece titled “8:46”. There’s music to put you right with the usual sonic vibrations putting you in an altered state of mind. There’s also a visit from Dr. Kamal with more astrological wisdom.

Opening Clip:

The 1968 press junket by Chicago’s Mayor Daley and his Freudian slip about the police preserving disorder.


  • Loud Minority (Radio Mix) – United Future Organization
  • Tribute To Mr. Cool – Exodus Quartet
  • Fade Out – Jazzanova
  • Hanazono – Jazzanova
  • Useless – Depeche Mode
  • Bomberclad Joint – Knowtoryus
  • Out of the Blue – Kruder & Dorfmeister
  • Fuckdubworksong – Tosca
  • Certainly – Erykah Badu
  • In Another Time – Sade
  • Shelter – James Taylor Quartet Feat. Rose Windross
  • Close 2 Eve – Bertolin feat. Timea


The Zodiac – Dr. Kamal


8:46 – Dave Chappelle


  • Fuck the Police – N.W.A.


  • Sounds of Liberty Mix – Ira Harmon
  • Donald Trump Talks Shit – Donald Trump

Media Mastication:

Police (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)

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