IHPM – October 16, 2023


The Show
The Show
IHPM - October 16, 2023


Ira is a busy guy, you know; making chunks of his imagination exist in the electromagnetic spectrum and all, and producing things from the edge of manifestation and everything. So this episode of the Popmachine is not going to be any less entertaining for the fact that I have to get back to work on my new book titled “Criminal Effect – An Illustrated Examination Of Crime”. I gotta pay the bills around here Ya’ll. But I still carved out the time to drop a “prime-time-dime” on you in a Jaw Jack titled “The Church of Burnt-over!” It’s about the power of belief in whatever. In the meantime enjoy what I’ve produced for you here to hear, and I hope you enjoy it, ear to ear. Entertain yourself for two hours with a click!

Opening Clip:

Sex with a white girl from the movie: Undercover Brother


  • SlideSlave
  • Ice Cream CastlesThe Time
  • AvalonRoxie Music
  • The ModelKraftwerk
  • Love Is A BattlefieldPat Benatar
  • Ghost TownThe Specials
  • Betty Davis EyesKim Karnes
  • Straight UpPaula Abdul
  • The Power of LoveHuey Lewis & The News
  • ListenTears for Fears
  • The Sheltering SkyKing Krimson

Old Time Radio:

DIMENSION X: No Contact – George Lefferts

Jaw Jack:

The Church of Burnt-over (What do we believe and why?)Ira Harmon


  • RestoredWaxolotionists
  • Count BasicWaxolotionists
  • CarpenterCube & Sphere
  • Mum Let The Peace Come On – Cube & Sphere

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