IHPM — Episode #149


Ira Jaw Jacks about the unseen ene­my of self-real­iza­tion known as “Resis­tance”. Then there’s Music , Old time radio and New releas­es.

Opening Clip:

“106 miles to Chica­go.” From The Blues Broth­ers


  • La, La, La, He, He, He — Prince
  • My Strug­gles — Mis­sy Eliot (Feat. Grand Puba & Mary J. Blige)
  • Melt­down — Mis­sy Eliot
  • On and On — Macy Gray
  • Inner City Blues — Mar­vin Gaye
  • Every Ghet­to, Every City — Lau­ren Hill
  • Take Time — Lenny Kravitz
  • Fly Away — Lenny Kravitz
  • Dry Coun­ty — B-52’s
  • June Bug — B-52’s
  • One Month Off — Bloc Par­ty
  • I Can’t Get No Sat­is­fac­tion — Devo
  • When Doves Cry — Prince
  • Booty — George Clin­ton

Old Time Radio:

Penn­syl­va­nia Turn­pike — Dark Fan­ta­sy

Nerd News:

New Releas­es

Jaw Jack:

Resis­tance — Ira Har­mon

Sign Off

Recommended Reading:

THE WAR OF ART — Win­ning the Inner Cre­ative Bat­tle by Steven Press­field (ISBN: 978–1936891023) — A suc­cinct, engag­ing, and prac­ti­cal guide for suc­ceed­ing in any cre­ative sphere, The War of Art is noth­ing less than Sun-Tzu for the soul.
  • What keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do?
  • Why is there a naysay­er with­in? How can we avoid the road­blocks of any cre­ative endeavor—be it start­ing up a dream busi­ness ven­ture, writ­ing a nov­el, or paint­ing a mas­ter­piece?

Best­selling nov­el­ist Steven Press­field iden­ti­fies the ene­my that every one of us must face, out­lines a bat­tle plan to con­quer this inter­nal foe, then pin­points just how to achieve the great­est suc­cess.

The War of Art empha­sizes the resolve need­ed to rec­og­nize and over­come the obsta­cles of ambi­tion and then effec­tive­ly shows how to reach the high­est lev­el of cre­ative dis­ci­pline.

Think of it as tough love … for your­self.

Whether an artist, writer or busi­ness per­son, this sim­ple, per­son­al, and no-non­sense book will inspire you to seize the poten­tial of your life.

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