IHPM — Episode #19

The Rundown:

Lis­ten as Ira Har­mon give you some­thing to think about, edi­to­ri­al­izes about careers in comics and con­tin­ues his jaw jack about food. Also enjoy the 16th and final episode of Super­man vs The Clan of the Fiery Cross.

The Track List

Open­ing Movie Clip: Neo and Mor­pheus in The Matrix (the Red Pill / Blue Pill scene)

Abu Ben Bad (The Pop­Ma­chine Genie’s Show Intro­duc­tion bab­ble)

LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA con­duct­ed by Gen­na­di Rozhdestven­sky
Tchaikovsky Sym­pho­ny No.5 in E minor, Opus 64, Capric­cio Ital­ien, Opus 45


  1. (1st Move­ment) Andante: Alle­gro ani­ma (15:24) Bam­berg Sym­pho­ny
  2. (2nd Move­ment) Andante: Cantabile (13:24) Bam­berg Sym­pho­ny
  3. (3rd Move­ment) Valse: Alle­gro mod­er­a­to (5:50) Bam­berg Sym­pho­ny
  4. (4th Move­ment) Andante maestoso (12:22) Bam­berg Sym­pho­ny
  5. Capric­cio Ital­ien (16:40) Vien­na Sym­pho­ny

Some­thing to Think About (Fea­ture): Biased Pun­ish­ment and the Sal­mo­nel­la Con­spir­a­cy

The Adven­tures of Super­man: Super­man v.s. The Clan of the Fiery Cross Episode 16 (Final)

Jaw Jack (Fea­ture): Food Part Two

Geek of the Week / Nerd News (Fea­ture): Edi­to­r­i­al on careers in comics

Recommended Reading:

HiFiForColorComics Hi-Fi Col­or For Comics: Dig­i­tal Tech­niques for Pro­fes­sion­al Results by Bri­an & Kristy Miller (ISBN: 1581809921) — If you are look­ing how to learn how to col­or com­ic books with step-by-step Pho­to­shop tuto­ri­als from the pros who col­or comics for Mar­vel, DC, & Image, then you ll want to check out this amaz­ing Kick­starter from Hi-Fi Colour Design and Bri­an Miller. As an aspir­ing artist, you prob­a­bly have your share of art instruc­tion books in your col­lec­tion and you prob­a­bly found some of these books more use­ful than oth­ers. That s sim­ply to be expect­ed.
WritingandIllustratingtheGraphicNovel_ Writ­ing and Illus­trat­ing the Graph­ic Nov­el: Every­thing You Need to Know to Cre­ate Great Work and Get It Pub­lished by Daniel Cooney (ISBN: 0764146297) — Graph­ic nov­els are big busi­ness nowa­days, and cre­at­ing a well-exe­cut­ed graph­ic nov­el can be a big step to a reward­ing career. This brand-new book gives detailed instruc­tion in all aspects of graph­ic nov­el composition–creating char­ac­ters and plots, and trans­form­ing them into dynam­ic illus­tra­tions that tell an inter­est­ing sto­ry. The intro­duc­tion describes uses of tools of the trade, from draw­ing pen­cils, inks, and paper to word pro­cess­ing and Adobe Pho­to­shop soft­ware.

Last song at end of show: Peanut But­ter by Twen­ny­nine fea­tur­ing Lenny White

Low Band­width Broad­cast

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