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IHPM - Episode #1
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Welcome to the first installment of Ira Harmon’s Pop Machine. The Media Encyclopedia. Fighting Cognitive Decline One Show At A Time.

Recommended Reading:

Black Women's Lives Black Women’s Lives: Stories of Pain and Power by Kristal Brent Zook (ISBN: 1560257903) – Kristal Brent Zook explores the lives of contemporary African America women from all walks of life. Based on her travels across America and years of interviewing and building relationships with women from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, she offers vivid archetypal portraits of a school principal in Georgia, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, a factory worker in Mississippi, a corporate executive in New York City, a prisoner in Seattle, and an organic farmer in Vermont, among others. Through these portraits, Black Women’s Lives explores common overlapping themes while highlighting the shared dreams, hopes, and disappointments of ordinary women.
The Motherhood Manifesto The Motherhood Manifesto: What America’s Moms Want – and What To Do About It by Joan Blades (ISBN: 1560258845) – Women shouldn’t be discriminated against simply because they are mothers…but they are! The Motherhood Manifesto shares the heartfelt stories of mothers in America who dream of jobs with flexibility and benefits, mothers who can’t afford their children’s health and childcare expenses, and mothers who, time and time again, are penalized for raising a new generation.
African-American Philosophers African-American Philosophers: 17 Conversations by George Yancy (editor) (ISBN: 0415921007) – African-American Philosophers brings into conversation seventeen of the foremost thinkers of color to discuss issues such as Black existentialism, racism, Black women philosophers within the academy, affirmative action and the conceptual parameters of African-American philosophy.


1. Blue Pill / Red Pill excerpt from “The Matrix”Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus)

2. Red Hot MamaFunkadelic

3. Mistaken Identity  – Vernon Reid

4. Minnie the MoocherCab Calloway & His Orchestra

5. I Need a Man to LoveJanis Joplin

6. Loud Minority (Radio Mix) – United Future Organization

7. Zephyrus (Phase One Remix)Bloc Party

8. Atomic Dog (Dogs of the World Unite Remix)George Clinton featuring Coolio, Parliament Funkadelics, Shorty (Da Lench Mob)

9. Suspense presents Ray Bradbury’s “Zero Hour” Cast

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