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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #118
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Ira talks about the Titanic movie and James Cameron putting to rest a 20 year old debate of how Jack should have survived by sharing the floating door instead of drowning. Tribute to Della Reese, movie fails, and new releases of comics with Old Time Radio and Jack The Ripper too!

Opening Clip:

Don’t You Know? (1959 Della Reese Hit based on Puccini) – Della Reese


Manfred Symphony Opus 58 – Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

  1. Lento lugubre – Moderato con moto-Andante – 17:27
  2. Vivace con spirit – 9:57
  3. Andante con moto – 11:24
  4. Allegro con fuoco – 20:21

Old Time Radio:

My Name Is Jack The Ripper – Crime Classics

Nerd News:

News and New Releases – Ira Harmon

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