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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #122
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A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle of the human species to deal with the problem of race. Music, poetry, comedy, Old time radio and popular opinion.

Opening Clip:

“The worm has turned”, Charlie Sheen and Willem DeFoe from Oliver Stone’s film Platoon.


  • Water’s Edge – Nick Cave
  • Finishing Jubilee Street – Nick Cave
  • Push the Sky Away – Nick Cave
  • Heartbeat – Adrian Belew
  • Gigi – Bomb
  • Critter – Buckethead
  • No Quarter – Led Zeppelin
  • Sheltering Sky – King Crimson
  • Two Against Three – Brian Eno & David Byrne
  • Third Stone From The Sun – Jimi Hendrix


The Dancer by Ira Harmon

Old Time Radio:

The Forbes Matter – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar


Don’t Let Nobody In The House – Lavell Crawford

Media Mastication:

White Noise – Ira Harmon

Various news clips – Various Sources

I Have A Dream – Martin Luther King Jr.

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