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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #136
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Ira Jaw Jacks about Intergenerational poverty and the philosophy of five year olds. Music from Star Trek, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Dada and Steely Dan. Old Time Radio continues with part 4 of The Duke Red Matter in Yours Truly Johnny Dollar. Nerd News blotter and new comics releases.

Opening Clip:

“Scuze me while I whip this out!” – Cleavon Little (from Blazing Saddles).


STAR TREK 2009 Soundtrack – Michael Giacchino

    • Star Trek
    • Nailin’ The Kelvin
    • Labor of Love
    • Hella Bar Talk
    • Enterprising Young Men
    • Nero Sighted
    • Nice To Meet You
    • Run And Shoot Offense
    • Does It Still Mcfly?
    • Nero Death Experience
    • Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns
    • Back From Black
    • That New Car Smell
    • To Boldly Go
    • End Credits

Old Time Radio:

The Duke Red Matter Part 4 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar


    • Look What You Done For Me – Al Green
    • Eddie You Should Know Better – Curtis Mayfield
    • Dorina – DaDa
    • F.M. – Steely Dan

Jaw Jack:

Intergenerational Poverty – Ira Harmon

Nerd News:

  • Nerd News Blotter – Ira Harmon
  • New Releases – Ira Harmon

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