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IHPM - Episode #154
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Ira reprises an earlier broadcast from April 24th 2017 that asks the question, “Do Negroes Still Exist?”, plays a little jazz and as always keeps you up on New Releases.

Opening Clip:

The Tony Montana Money, Power, Women philosophy.


  • Duet for Saxophone and Guitar – Miles Davis
  • Ezz-Thetic – Miles Davis
  • Venus De Milo – Miles Davis
  • On Green Dolphin Street – Oscar Peterson & Milt Jackson
  • Reunion Blues – Oscar Peterson & Milt Jackson
  • John Brown’s Body – Oscar Peterson & Milt Jackson
  • Minor Step – Kent Miller
  • Sisters – Kent Miller
  • Visitation – Kent Miller
  • Wee – Roy Hargrove

Jaw Jack:

Do Negroes Still Exist? – Ira Harmon

Old Time Radio:

Death’s Little Brother – Inner Sanctum (1949)

Nerd News:

New Releases – Ira Harmon

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