IHPM — Episode #156


No Jaw Jacks But a longer than usu­al Nerd News Blot­ter of recent events.

Opening Clip:

“Suck his Peter” From Dev­il in a Blue Dress


  • Life — Sole Inspi­ra­tion
  • Noth­ing Left To Say — Lit­tle Boy Blue
  • Dead Drunk Scream­ing — Goliath
  • Sor­cer­er — Junc­tion
  • War­lord — Wrath
  • Hey, Hey, My, My, (Into The Black) — Neil Young & Crazy Horse
  • Us And Them — Pink Floyd
  • Any Colour You Like — Pink Floyd
  • The Ocean — Led Zep­pelin
  • Are You Expe­ri­enced? — Jimi Hen­drix
  • Filthy Habits — Frank Zap­pa
  • Giant Robot/Machines In The Mod­ern City/Godzilla — Prax­is
  • The Oth­er Ship — Night­mares On Wax


Jer­ry Before Sein­feld — Jer­ry Sein­feld

Nerd News:

Nerd News Blot­ter, New Books, New Releas­es

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One Comment

  1. Lis­ten­ing to you talk about the cop that shot the black guy in Texas. A sim­i­lar thing hap­pened to me. The ele­va­tor in my build­ing was bro­ken. It was let­ting peo­ple off on the wrong floor. I pressed my floor, then start­ed going through my mail and nev­er noticed the ele­va­tor had stopped on the wrong floor until I stepped out and it smelled dif­fer­ent. I did­n’t know the floor I lived on smelled a cer­tain way until I was on a floor that did­n’t smell like mine. I’m think­ing the same must hold true in your house or apart­ment. So I’m call­ing shenani­gans on that one.

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