Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
IHPM - Episode #18



Listen as Ira talks about respecting time, food industry fails, Will Smith, the late Jack Larson, gays in Hollyweird, nerd news and more…

Recommended Reading:

HollywoodBabylon Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger (ISBN: 0440153255) – Originally published in Paris, this is a collection of Hollywood’s darkest and best kept secrets from the pen of Kenneth Anger, a former child movie actor who grew up to become one of America’s leading underground film-makers.
HollywoodRajah Hollywood Rajah: The Life and Times of Louis B. Mayer by Bosley Crowther (ISBN: 13-9781258315146) – The fabulous behind-the-scenes story of the most powerful of HoIlywood’s famed tycoons – A story more fantastic than any ever brought to the screen. This is the extravagant life story of Louis B. Mayer, once head of the largest motion picture studio in the world, and the most controversial subject in Hollywood’s notorious history – a man who went everywhere, did everything, and knew everyone worth knowing. A man whose tapeworm ego had to be fed by driving activity, ruthless use of power, and adventures with beautiful women. Louis B. Mayer was a power to be feared, a man who deliberately sur­rounded and protected himself with myths and legends. Now his true story can be told.


  1. Excerpt from American Gangster
  2. Time – Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon)
  3. If I Don’t Have You – Gregory Isaacs (Once Ago)
  4. Stranger in Moscow – Michael Jackson (The Ultimate Collection)
  5. Bring it On –Seal (Seal)
  6. Magdelina –Big Head Todd & the Monsters (Strategem)
  7. Do Something – Macy Gray­ (On How Life Is)
  8. Somebody’s Watching You – Sly & The Family Stone (Stand!)
  9. Respect – Aretha Franklin (100 Greatest Hits)
  10. So Much Trouble in the World – Bob Marley (Rebel Music)
  11. Inner City Blues – Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On)
  12. Rainmaker – Traffic  (The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys)
  13. Superman Versus The clan of the Fiery Cross – Episode 15 (The Adventures of Superman)
  14. My Brother, Russell – Bill Cosby (Bill Cosby at His Best)
  15. Time – Sly & The Family Stone (There’s a Riot Goin’ On)
  16. Who Is He (and What Is He To You)? – Bill Withers  (The B est of Bill Withers Lean On Me)
  17. Crawling King Snake – The Doors (L.A. Woman)

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