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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #20
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Listen to Ira Harmon talk about Monsanto, what happened to money, mass shootings, Bond being bored and much more. And enjoy Superman vs The Atom Man (episode 1).

Recommended Reading:

SavingCapitalism Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few by Robert Reich (ISBN: 0385350570) – From the author of Aftershock and The Work of Nations, his most important book to date—a myth-shattering breakdown of how the economic system that helped make America so strong is now failing us, and what it will take to fix it.
HoToReadABook How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading by Mortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren (ISBN: 0671212095) – Originally published in 1940, this book is a rare phenomenon, a living classic that introduces and elucidates the various levels of reading and how to achieve them—from elementary reading, through systematic skimming and inspectional reading, to speed reading. Readers will learn when and how to “judge a book by its cover,” and also how to X-ray it, read critically, and extract the author’s message from the text.


  1. Opening Movie Clip – Silence of the Lambs
  2. Hello Dolly – Louis Armstrong
  3. Desafinado – Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd
  4. In a Sentimental Mood – John Coltrane & Duke Ellington
  5. Tourist Point of View – Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
  6. E.S.P. – The Miles Davis Quartet
  7. Spanish Key (single version) – Miles Davis
  8. Birdland – Weather Report
  9. Mister Magic – Grover Washington Jr.
  10. Rock It – Herbie Hancock
  11. Un Ange En Danger – Ron Carte & M.C. Solaar
  12. Tanya – Dexter Gordon
  13. Soon All Will Know – Wynton Marsalis
  14. Special Class – Bill Cosby (Wonderfulness)
  15. Great Moments in Radio History (Featuring Bill Kurtis) – The Hindenburg disaster
  16. Abu Ben Bad vs The Meter Maiden (skit-part 1) – Ira Harmon – The voice talents of Ira Harmon & Abu Ben Bad
  17. The Adventures of Superman – Superman vs The Atom Man (Episode 1)
  18. Bags Groove (Take 2) – Miles Davis Quintet (Bags Groove)
  19. Abu Ben Bad vs The Meter Maiden (skit-part 2) – Ira Harmon – The voice talents of Ira Harmon & Abu Ben Bad
  20. Jaw Jack – Ira Harmon – Strange Food served by Strangers/Monsanto Corporation (Part 3)
  21. Something To Think About – Ira Harmon – What Happened to the Money? (Part 1)
  22. Multiple Sarcasms – Ira Harmon – Monthly Mass Shooting Report
  23. Geek of the Week Nerd News – Ira Harmon –Daniel Craig on being bored of Bond, Randy Quaid captured at Canadian border, Hollywood murder squads, new comics, films, and music.

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