Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
Ira Harmon's Pop Machine
IHPM - Episode #24
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Ira talks about the legacy of our decaying society and the usurping of the marijuana business by big Agriculture Businesses like Monsanto and Big Pharma. The myth of a GMO strain of Marijuana created by Monsanto has been denied, but….?

Movie Clip

Pretty Tony versus Goldie [China Doll scene] (The Mack)

Song List

  1. Eddie Harris – That Is Why You’re Overweight
  2. Isaac Hayes – The Look of Love
  3. Mandrill – Solid
  4. Faze-O – Riding High
  5. Four Play – Bali Run
  6. Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me
  7. Ella Fitzgerald – Miss Otis Regrets
  8. Nancy Wilson – Angel Eyes
  9. Dave Brubeck Quartet – Angel Eyes
  10. Medeski Martin & Wood – Dracula Remix Featuring John Zorn
  11. Something to Think About – The Legacy  (Ira Harmon)
  12. Freak Power – Turn Out, Tune In, Cop Out
  13. Carleen Anderson – True Spirit (Domino Mix)
  14. Basia – There’s a Tear
  15. Ronnie Jordan & Dana Bryant – The Jackal
  16. Leena Conquest (and Hip Hop Fingers) – Boundaries (Radio Edit)


  1. Paul Mooney (1-900 Blame a Nigger)
  2. Dennis Leary – (White People)

Radio Serial

Superman versus The Atom Man (Part 5)

Great Moments in Broadcast History

The Kennedy Assassination & The Oswald Assassination

Geek of the Week Nerd News

Video game music scores are saving the bankrupt symphony orchestras coast to coast and abroad. Tattoo art moves into the auction houses and galleries of fine arts. New comics of Wednesday 11-11-2015.


Low Bandwidth Broadcast

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