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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #92
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Ira talks about Killer Cops, Batman and Bill Finger, with old time radio’s Johnny Dollar in part two of a five part story, music, comedy and new releases.

Opening Movie Clip:

Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction.


Modest Mussorgsky – Berlin Philharmonic, Abbado

01 – St. Johns Night on the Bare Mountain

02 – Khovanshchina, Prelude

03 – Khovanshchina, Aria of Shaklovity

04 – Khovanshchina, The Departure of Prince Golizyn

05 – Khovanshchina, Aria of Maria

06 – Khovanshchina, Dance of the Persian Slave Girls

07 – Scherzo in B-flat Major

08 – Intermezzo Symphonique in modo classic

09 – Festive March from ‘Mlada’

Old Time Radio:

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (The Silver Blue Matter) Part 2 of 5


Nerd & Fly Girl – Chris Rock (Bigger and Blacker)

Nerd News

  • Batman & Bill Documentary Review
  • New Releases

Jaw Jack

Killer Kopz – Ira Harmon

Sign Off

Low Bandwidth Broadcast

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