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Catch All
IHPM - Episode #95



Ira finishes his month long series on how to avoid becoming marked by the beast known as the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) by avoiding looking like a juicy target for police. Richard Pryor talks about Jail and police. Nerd News talks about banned cartoons and new releases. Music is an hour of the Funky Genius of George Clinton and P-Funk Parliament Funkadelic. Old Time Radio wraps the case of The Silver Blue Matter on Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.

Opening Clip:

Banana Juice – Andrew Dice Clay


  • Get Off Your Ass and Jam – Parliament
  • Jolene – Funkadelic
  • I’d Rather Be With You – Bootsy Collins
  • Be My Beach – Bootsy Collins
  • Mothership Connection (Star Child)Parliament
  • Baby Like Fonkin’ It Up – Parliament
  • Never Ending Love (Feat. Belita Woods)Parliament
  • Mathematics – Parliament
  • Funky Kind (Gonna Knock It Down)Parliament
  • Don’t Dance Too Close (Feat. Belita Woods)Parliament
  • Rock The Party – Parliament


Just Us – Richard Pryor

Old Time Radio:

The Silver Blue Matter Part 5 – Yours Truly Johnny Dollar


Police vs Niggers – Richard Pryor

Jaw Jack:

Jail Is For Suckers – Ira Harmon

Nerd News:

  • 15 Banned Cartoons
  • New Releases for Wednesday May 31 2017

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Recommended Reading:

Arrest-Proof Yourself
by Wes Denham
(ISBN: 978-1613748046)
This eye-opening book tells you everything you need to know about how cops operate, the little things that can get you in trouble, and how to stay free from the hungry jaws of the criminal justice system. It is now updated with new and important information on the right of the police to search your car; on guns, knives, and self-defense; and on changes in surveillance methods.
Arrested: What to Do When Your Loved One’s in Jail
by Wes Denham
(ISBN: 978-1556528347)
Synopsis: Arrested is the only guide to supporting family members facing criminal charges. It explains how to make decisions that are in the best interests of the entire family—not just the defendant—and provides checklists of what things to do, and in what order. Form letters called “jail mail” are included to help readers quickly send important information to inmates.

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