IHPM – October 23, 2023


The Show
The Show
IHPM - October 23, 2023


Ira let’s the music speak for much of the two hours. There’s an entertaining Old Time Radio play by Robert Bloch titled: “Almost Human” about artificial intelligence making us obsolete. There’s some comedy from Dennis Miller about technology and a ton of cool music from the Blade and Matrix movie franchises. Click in and check out.

Opening Clip:

Original Shaft motion picture release radio Ad


Music from the original motion picture BLADE (Orchestral)Mark Isham & David Hykes

  • Intruder
  • Daywalker
  • Somebody’s Gonna Take You Out
  • Top of the Food Chain
  • Temple of Light
  • The Bleeding Stone
  • The Blood God

Music from the original motion picture BLADE (Rap-Hip-Hop)Mark Isham & David Hykes

  • Fightin’ A WarDown 2 Earth (feat. Rome)
  • ReservationsP.A.
  • Ganagsta BounceWolf Pak
  • BladeChannel Live & KRS-One
  • Deadly ZoneBounty Killer, Mobb Deep & Big Noyd
  • Blade 4 GloryMajesty & Bizzy Bone

Old Time Radio:

DIMENSION X: Almost HumanRobert Bloch


ComputersDennis Miller


  • Prime Soup Audio Meat Beat Manifesto
  • Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix)Rob Zombie
  • Wake UpRage Against The Machine
  • Look To Your Orb For The WarningMonster Magnet

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